Ricar Holyoke Holyoke, MA (1.1 MW)

Capacity1.1 MW

Production1,237,520 kWh/yr


25 Year Revenue$4,767,000


The project, funded by Healthy Plant Partners in return for federal tax credits related to solar project and state renewable energy, retrofitted the commercial building to provide clean, reliable, and renewable energy.

Ricar LLC Real Estate Partnership is leasing the space for the solar array to Healthy Planet Partners. The amount of energy the project is expected to generate should power roughly 200 homes per year. This exemplifies private and public partnerships; those that benefit the economy, the environment, and the community. Further, the project provides for the addition of renewably sourced energy to Holyoke Gas & Electric’s portfolio.



Start Date: July, 2015
Completion: September, 2015
System Energized: September 22, 2015
Array Components Include: 3,838 260W Kyocera Panels Production: 1,237,520 kWh/year


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