Residential Solar

Residential Solar Made Easy

CTEC Solar’s professionals are educated in providing affordable solar panels for your home. When you use solar power for residential needs, you supplement your existing electrical system and reduce or eliminate your monthly utility bill. Imagine what you will save over time as rates continue to increase but your monthly bill remains consistently low. Now is the time to go solar. The sooner you opt for a residential solar panel system, the sooner you can start to save!

Free Consultation

Contact us for a free, on-site, consultation. One of our experienced consultants will evaluate your home, taking into consideration solar hours, electrical usage, facing and tilt to design the optimal solar system to meet your needs.


Since each home is different, our designers will create a solar panel system specific to your home and your needs. They will decide on the size and number of panels and also determine where the panels will sit on your rooftop.

Permit, Install & Activate.

Creating energy starts with paperwork. Building permits differ by city; CTEC handles the paperwork for you. Once permitting is approved, the installation can start. Electrical wiring, panels and connecting your solar system to the grid.

Start Saving.

Join the thousands of other home owners that have realized the true opportunity to start saving money with solar but also helping save the environment. turning an annual household expense into a recurring revenue stream.

Simple. No strings attached. Free.

Transitioning to solar energy is a big decision. Helping you to make the right choice for your family is one of the most important aspects of our job. Our consultants will conduct an on-site evaluation of your home and will help you determine if solar energy is the right move for you. Contact us today for a no obligation, on-site evaluation.

Ready to Start Saving?

We look forward to helping you save with a solar power program designed specially for you! Our solar consultants will help you by going over the options on solar panels systems for your home and solar panel system costs. There are differences between purchasing and leasing solar panels and our representatives will outline in detail the options available. CTEC Solar is dedicated to educating residents on solar options.

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Commercial Solar

CTEC Solar has built their reputation with quality workmanship and its ability to offer many solutions for customers and partners. With experience in solar farms, landfills, rooftops, carports and residential homes, CTEC has proven it can deliver.



Stress-Free Financing

CTEC offers Residential and Commercial financing options that make going solar more affordable than ever!