International Skating Ctr Simsbury, CT (324 kW)

Capacity324 kW

Production437,400 kWh/yr


25 Year Revenue$2,037,000


The International Skating Center is C-TEC Solar’s 1st commercial Metal Roof Mount installation. This is an East/West facing array, attached to a metal roof, and feeding a large central inverter. This array can be seen from the main road running down the center of Simsbury, CT.


Other Commercial Case Studies

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Bloomfield, CT (998 kW)

Ballasted Roof Mount

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Manchester, CT (100 kW)

Solar Carport

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Simsbury, CT (130 kW)

The 130 kW installation at the Mitchell Automotive Group’s Simsbury location has enabled them to take a capital expense and turn it into a profit center. Concurrently, the system benefits the env...

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Hebrew High School

West Hartford, CT (104.4 kW)

Ballasted + Mechanical Roof Mount.

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Windham Lebanon

Windham, CT (6 MW)

5 VNM projects with 5 ZREC awards.
Driven Post Ground Mount.

C-TEC Solar built this project for a partner ...

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Ricar Holyoke

Holyoke, MA (1.1 MW)

The project, funded by Healthy Plant Partners in return for federal tax credits related to solar project and state renewable energy, retrofitted the commercial building to provide clean, reliable, ...

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Thompson Farm

Thompson, CT (3.74 MW)

Virtual Net Metering Driven Post Ground Mount Project which sells power through PPA agreements to City of West Hartford and City of Hartford.

This project was built in 2 stages with 4 REC aw...

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All Granite Charlton

Charlton, MA (108.2 kW)

Ballasted Roof mounted Solar array under SREC 2

This project is behind the meter and offsets 855 of the load of the business. He gets quarterly SREC payments for the production of his system...

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