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CTEC Solar is a developer and experienced solar contractor.

First and foremost, we meet with property owners to design a quality system to meet their needs. Once the proper system is designed for the land, program available, and power needs at the site, we then recommend what type of financing to consider.

CTEC partners with many different financial institutions to get you the most competitive programs on the market. By having financiers compete for your project, we can ensure that you are getting the best value for your solar project. After we assess the site, incentives, and unique tax situation, we will present multiple options to meet your specific needs..

CTEC had multiple lenders for Power Purchase Agreements, Lease, Financing, and Construction Loans. We also work with PACE financing, which offer 100% financing for solar and other energy efficiency measures. Every situation is different and we match your solar savings, revenue, incentives, and tax liability to the best fit solution.

  • Purchase

    Property owners can choose to pay for the system upfront and maximize their benefit without interest while capitalizing on the state incentives, federal tax credit, and energy savings or revenue.

  • Tax Credit

    The Investment Tax Credit is 30% of what you spend on the solar system until the end of 2019. In 2020 the tax credit is being reduced yearly to 2022 when it is scheduled to end.

  • Incentives

    All solar systems create power which not only offsets electrcial usage, but it also creates credits that the utility will buy. Whether it is a Renewable Energy Credit, and upfront incentive payment, or a Tariff program, CTEC will show you the incentives available to you in your state.

  • Energy Savings/Revenue

    Depending on if you have an on-site load to offset and can generate savings from your own electricity bill, or are installing the system to feed the grid directly through utility programs that pay for the power, there is a savings or revenue associated with the power produced by the solar system. We’ll consult with you on all of the local programs and benefits and help you make the best decision for your property.


Financing Options

Power Purchase

A Power Purchase Agreement or PPA is financed by a third party. With no money down and an on-site load to offset, this is truly a zero cost option if you cannot take advantage of the tax credit. The PPA is typically a fixed price of power lower than the utility cost of power for 20-25 years.

Depending on the state and programs, roofs or land can be lease on a per MW basis and provide income for 20 to 35 years depending on the viability of the site and needs of the local utility. We are experts in determining if your land or roof space can be rented without an on-site load.

Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing or PACE is where the local municipality will allow you to finance the project through your tax bill an assessment on the property instead of a loan on the balance sheet. One of the most notable characteristics of PACE programs is that the loan is attached to the property rather than an individual. A PACE loan is therefore said to be non recourse to the borrower. Many business owners take advantage of this option to finance not only solar but also other energy efficiency upgrades that has a return or savings.

Equity Lines
Many businesses already have an equity line of credit. Since the incentives and tax credits and savings are generated right away after installation, this can add a bonus of tax incentives if the project is secured against the business or property as equity. This also allows the business owner to pay off the system quicker with the savings and reduce interest over time.

Green Construction Loans
Some businesses do not want to tap into equity and they are not able to take advantage of PACE in their area. Green Construction loans are available to finance the project and take into account the tax benefits in the package, allowing the property owner to re amortize the loan once they receive the tax benefits to then lower the overall monthly payment.

Operating Lease
An operating lease can allow the property owner to take advantage of the benefits of ownership, but allow another party to take the tax credits. This option is a hybrid between a PPA and a purchase and with a yearly lease payment, the system can still
Be owned after the initial lease term.

CTEC's Commercial Solar Inquiries

Please complete the form below to get started and someone will be in touch soon. Or, to speak with a CTEC Solar representative now and learn how you can lower your energy bill with solar energy, call 1-888-52-SOLAR.

Thank you for considering CTEC Solar. We look forward to working with you on your clean energy project.

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