Residential Customers – Testimonials




Every person connected with our solar installation from Solar Consultant to Energy Auditors to officer personnel were extremely capable and friendly.  Questions were answered knowledgably and by the end of the job they were like family. Everything was left clean. These are all very good and capable people and it was a pleasure to work with them. I recommend them to anyone seeking a great job that is also timely.

Andrew Ardenski


C-TEC Solar was at the top of their game from start to finish. From the beginning of the project by providing information to staying connected and easy to contact. When it became time for the installation, everyone showed up on time, and all field personnel were very respectful. They made it easy to go solar. That’s what I’ve been telling everyone.

Daniel Melnick


It was a pleasure to watch the install team do the installation. They were very knowledgeable when answering my many questions. They were efficient and neat. The system is performing as promised. I’m very satisfied and look forward to a positive working relationship in the future. I have recommended them to several family members, friends, and neighbors.

Heather Robotham


The crew worked effectively as a team to solve any issues. Never a complaint, timely, kind, and great with animals. Management should be proud to foster a team that works together and genuinely cares about customers and service. This is rarely seen anymore. We openly recommend this company.

Avi Smith-Rapaport

West Hartford

We looked into solar power systems years ago however it did not seem to make financial sense back then. With the recent rebates and incentives we took another look and were so happy to find out that it would work for us. Our solar consultant Marc Phaneuf came out and met with me to go over everything and discuss the various options. The communication was fantastic from C-TEC Solar and all of our questions were answered. The solar panels are up and we are excited to see how it helps save on electric bills!!

Diane Albert

West Hartford

We were installed in March, 2014 and ever since then, we look forward to getting our electric bill. We do a happy dance every time we see our bill is $16, which is only the service charge. I can’t help but tell all our neighbors and make them jealous!

Bernard Pericat

Weatouge CT

Aaron, Nick, Eduardo, Mark, John, and Colby recently completed our solar power system installation in Weatogue. I was impressed by the level of professionalism, attention to detail, and their customer skills. Aaron took extra to time to understand my concerns about the required exterior wall space that was going to be consumed with electrical disconnects and solar inverters. He configured the boxes to minimize wall space to my satisfaction. He also did well answering many of my technical questions. Nick, the crew lead, was also very good about explaining the panel layout design, how the panels are secured, and the next steps in the installation process. They all did a very good job cleaning up after each shift. The entire crew should be commended for a job well done. Thank you!

Kaplan Household

My first time I heard anyone from C-TEC Solar was at a community meeting in Wethersfield, CT to listen to two speakers talk about energy efficiency. Harry Ranney was there representing C-TEC Solar and listening to him was listening to a person who knew what they were talking about, but even more importantly was passionate about their subject. While I had always been interested in solar panels I never realized all the incentives available to make it affordable to someone of my financial means. After the meeting we left our name and number requesting someone from C-TEC Solar contact us. We were contacted the next day and made an appointment for someone to come out to our house. I was quite please when Mr. Ranney came. Having heard him speak before made it easier for me to listen to what he was saying and not have to decide if he knew what he was speaking about. Mr. Ranney gave us a very detailed explanation of our options. Mr. Ranney also did an inspection of the outside of our home, getting on our roof to gather information to show what we could expect to create in solar power kW generation. Mr Ranney reviewed his findings with us and gave us conservative estimates as to what we could expect in kW generation. I was very pleased with his conservative estimates, because they exceeded my “non-technical absolute guess” as to what we might get in kW generation. We signed a contract. Our experience remained extremely positive as we met with other employees of C-TEC Solar. These individuals would be doing the installation and setup of everything our house would need to become a kW generating machine. These individuals were inordinately polite and exceedingly knowledgeable. Once the actual solar panels arrived C-TEC Solar started to put everything together and within a couple of days they had completed their work. Now we just need to wait for the town inspection and CL&P to do their thing and then, weather permitting, we'll be spitting out kW to the grid that we ourselves don't need. As I said at the beginning of this note we are extremely pleased with our experience and have already recommended them to a couple of our friends and both of them have already signed contracts with C-TEC Solar.”

East Granby


From the initial proposal and design phase through the end of the installation, C-TEC Solar did the highest quality work. During the three-day installation, we were kept in the loop on when the team would be showing up and leaving each day, what they were doing, and what areas of the home they would need access to. Their work area around our house was always neat and clean, and each night, all work items were organized and put away. I can’t say enough good things about Aaron and Josh who were in charge of our solar panel installation. Our town building inspector gushed about how well everything looked during the post-install inspection. Honest, knowledgeable, and so hard working, even in the very cold weather that we had. I would recommend that you look no where else for solar panels other than C-TEC Solar.



Please feel free to use me as a reference for any potential customers who are local. When I first started my search for a solar company I was excited to see one local, in my own town even! The willingness to answer my questions and work around the schedule my family maintains was a pleasant surprise. Whether by internet or phone, their responses were professional and timely. It is my hope that more people and companies give C-TEC Solar the opportunity to serve them! Much thanks and continued success to C-TEC Solar!

East Granby


Everyone we worked with at C-TEC was friendly, professional and made the process very easy. No matter what our questions were or when we had them, Jeff, Dale, and Aaron were quick to reply. We had looked at other installers but C-TEC was clearly on the ball. Now we get to enjoy the benefits of solar power. Thanks!

Stan & Eunice

Avon CT

Eunice and I do thank you so very much for your understanding and patience with all that was involved. From our first meeting with Marc to my last conversation with Lori, it has been great working with all of you at C -TEC. I spent time with your crew at our son's installation in Simsbury, Connecticut and of course, time with your crew at our home in Avon, Connecticut. First off, they knew what they were doing! They were very friendly, and very considerate for our property, both inside and out! Can't say enough good things about both experiences! We have already given Marc's name and phone number to interested parties. Also, we would be pleased to talk with any others, and would be more than happy and proud to show them the C-TEC installation at our home (both inside and out). It's been good, and thank you again.!