Commercial Customers – Testimonials


Robert Crawford

International Skating Center, Simsbury

The project was for a 324kW solar system on the roof of the building using the State of Connecticut's ZREC Program. C-TEC was very knowledgeable about such program, and we feel it was due to their understanding of what the programs expectations were that allowed us to be awarded these incentives through its reverse auction. C-TEC Solar offered us a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) through a third party finance partner. We felt this was the best option for us due to the fact that the building is leased through the town and doing the project this way allowed us the ability to start saving on our electric costs immediately with no money out of pocket. They completed the update of my system with great efficiency and high standards, on time and has been operating perfectly. We have been extremely happy with C-TEC Solar and would recommend them to any business owner for the installation of their solar power system.

Catherine J. Diviney

Energy Specialist, Town of West Hartford

They were extremely knowledgeable and thorough during the entire process and were willing to go above and beyond to satisfy the program's requirements. We chose C-TEC Solar through a competitive RFP process that included both local and national firms. Our experience with them throughout the program has proven that our decision to go with C-TEC Solar was indeed the correct one. Furthermore, We would highly recommend using them to any organization or municipality.

Joseph C. Baril

CFO, Mitchell Auto Group, Simsbury

C-TEC Solar has been professional from the beginning starting with successfully submitting our applications for the ZREC Program last year. It was the knowledge and expertise of C-TEC Solar that allowed us to be awarded two projects. C-TEC also has worked with engineers and designed a system that will eliminate a large portion of our electricity costs. This was a huge operating expense for us, so we feel we made a good choice with not only solar but with choosing C-TEC Solar to handle this process and installation for us. The staff is experienced, knowledgeable and they have done a great job of keeping us informed of all the required paperwork (interconnection applications and permits and approvals) throughout the process.

Pat Keane

Sunderland, MA

Their onsite project management was excellent, and they finished ahead of schedule. This system is expected to save us over $10,000 annually in energy costs.