C-TEC Solar Shows Old Saybrook Middle School Students How Solar Works

OLD SAYBROOK, CT: Jeff Pipeling, from C-TEC Solar along with two solar consultants, Jon Heflin and Tyler Cazzetta visited Old Saybrook Middle School to speak to both classes and demonstrate how the sun’s rays can be turned into solar energy to power your home. “It’s important for kids to learn about clean energy now, since they will be inheriting our plant in the future,” said Jeff. After a brief presentation, the students were brought outside and had the opportunity to see and try out solar panels that powered hand-held fans and flashlights. The demonstration helped to illustrate that solar power is a natural renewable energy source that will never run out. Solar power also reduces the carbon footprint and helps combat greenhouse gas emissions. “I have been teaching about renewable and non-renewable energy for ten years in 4th grade,” said Karen Evans, 4th grade teacher. “In those ten years, I have gone from seeing no one have solar panels on their house to this year, having five students, plus myself have solar panels. It is also great to see the increase in awareness of renewable energy.”

About C-TEC Solar: C-TEC Solar specializes in Solar Photovoltaic systems for both residential and commercial properties and leads the way in solar energy installations throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Based in Bloomfield, CT the company has installed more than 5MW since 2011 and offers purchase, financing or lease options. C-TEC received the 2016 C-PACE Award for Accelerating Green Energy in commercial building.